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Kickoff Meetup

20ᵗʰ October 2017

The Pillar Project has been actively working to build a local community in The Netherlands. As a result we are proud to announce the very first Dutch Pillar Meetup, a partnership with Haarlem.Tech, a vibrant Tech Hub located in Haarlem.

We’ll get together there once a month to discuss upcoming topics related to the Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies, and how these tie in with our mission of building The Personal Data Locker.

The meetup will contain presentations by experts in the field, mixed with interactive sessions where the community brainstorms along with the organizers / presenters. Afterwards there’s beer and snacks to continue discussions in an open, social atmosphere.

Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)


Once a month

Social atmosphere

Kickoff Meetup

20ᵗʰ October 2017

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The first Meetup will discuss the upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) laws, which is currently a very hot topic, but what is it? How can we tackle the challenges it imposes? And how does the Pillar Wallet fit into this? To start in style, YouTube’s Crypto Legend “Mike B” will be our very first guest speaker.

The event will take place at Haarlem.Tech, a Tech Hub for Startups that offers a complete infrastructure to fulfill the needs of digital economy, an awesome venue for such events. Located inside Evoswitch, one of the biggest datacenters of the Netherlands (CO2- and Operator-neutral) that accommodates 50 participants.


16:00 – Welcome to Meetup / Introduction

16:15 – Interactive session: What is GDPR, how can we tackle the challenges it imposes?

16:25 – Mike B: Wallets and Personal Data

16:45 – Q&A

17:00 – Interactive session: Lets work! What is needed for solid GDPR compliance? How does Pillar Wallet fit into this?

17:45 – Soapbox

18:00 – Socializing, snacks, drink, talk, chill and kick ass 😉


Important Note

The event is inside a datacenter which requires identificatin of its visitor. Therefore participants of the meetup need to fill out this form in addition to the RSVP on meetup.com. At the entrance and you will have to present your valid ID (passport, driver’s license). This information will only be used for security identification.

No valid identification, no access to the event.

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