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Kickoff Meetup

20ᵗʰ October 2017

Thank you for joining us today! You have selected a GDPR aspect at the start of the Meetup. The people next to you are part of the same discussion-team. There are 8 teams / aspects in total. Each team chooses a challenge to discuss. The goal is to come up with ways to tackle the challenge, regardless of company(-size). Please choose one of the questions mentioned below your team’s aspect, or come up with your own challenge.

Data handling
  • What problems can Blockchain / DLT solve for us?
  • How to choose the right technology?
  • How to handle mutability and immutability?
  • Decentralized data ownership vs data hub? Why?
  • How to make existing (enterprise) Software compliant?
  • What to do with non-compliant software?
  • How to test compliance and measure progress?
  • How are business processes affected and prepared for GDPR?
  • How can you manage decryption keys without creating a single point of failure?
  • If permission of data comes from the end user, how can this be stored and handled?
  • How can one handle immutable data? How to handle compromized immutable data?
  • How to handle centralised vs decentralised control of permissions?
  • How to (keep) control of data access permissions on the Blockchain?
  • How could multiple layers and possibly multiple keys be managed in a safe and easy manner?
  • How can multiple systems receiving pseudo anonymous data, come to an identifiable person?
  • How to correlate encrypted and unencrypted data?
  • How to handle expired encrypted content?
  • How would you expect your consent to be asked for? And why?
  • To how much detail do you want your consent to be asked for?
  • What would you except to be business critical and what not?
  • When would you consider data to be usable?
  • How can one prevent duplicate data?
  • If you receive your data profile, how can you safely handle this?
  • How can a freely inter-changable data export be dynamic?
Your data
  • What is your data worth? Why?
  • How do imagine a change in personal data will be processed?
  • If you have multiple types of consent, how would this be easily and clearly presented to you?
  • What would be a acceptable period of time for your data to be stored? Would you change consent based on the time period?
  • Object / be forgotten
  • maintain
  • what does it mean to you?
  • what is privacy?
  • how do you think GDPR will influence your privacy?

Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)


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