Online platform for the on- and offline legacy (Startup)

i-Finish / Digitale Nazorg


i-Finish is a modern service based on the experience of Digital Aftercare and the technical knowledge of the platform Haarlem.Tech.
With a user-friendly platform, i-Finish wants to give surviving relatives insight, access and the ability to terminate the online and offline Digital Legacy of the deceased. Together with affiliated companies i-Finish wants to prevent Identity Fraud and reduce the Digital Footprint in compliance with the new European Privacy Legislation.

  • On- and Offline
  • International (Social Media & Online Services)
  • Preventing Identity Fraud
  • Privacy Compliance (GDPR)

Technical Stack

Symfony 4, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Varnish, PHP7.2, Node.JS, React.JS, Nginx, Bootstrap 4, HTML5, WPMU, Microservices, Leaflet.js.

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i-Finish / Digitale Nazorg helps relatives in providing insight, securing and ending online and offline services. Together with affiliated companies identity fraud is prevented and we reduce the digital footprint.


Startup i-Finish: Digitale Nazorg is in newspaper Haarlems Dagblad

© Foto United Photos/Paul VreekerOn the 12 of December 2018 we were interviewed by the local newspaper Haarlems Dagblad about the development of the platform Our startup i-Finish: Digital aftercare helps people to secure, put on hold or cancel an online...
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