The distribution platform for everyone

Dismantling the barriers to connectivity


Affordable, fast and flexible white label solution, Channex is a Hotel & Vacation rental distribution platform connecting sales channels with Property and Customer Relationship Management systems. We offer the next level of connectivity between all players in the travel industry. Our customers are technology partners or hotel suppliers that wish to sell their own products as a white label or reseller.


Why us?

  • Low cost provider – we can provide a white label solution for you to markup from the price of a cup of coffee per month. You can package or sell standalone.

  • Modern User Interface – Our solution is designed to be intuitive and simple for nearly any user for daily use.

  • Speed of updates – Speedy updating of channels is an essential feature of all channel managers, be 5 mins late on an update can cause an overbooking. We designed the whole system to have a queue per property/channel.

  • Open API – Open API is a revolution as the API is openly available and anyone can build on top of it. The needs of hoteliers are getting increasingly complex and lots of new solutions and mini apps needs to be built on top of our systems.

  • Credit card tokenisation – We have a chance to change the way cards get handled between systems with a more secure and cheaper version. If the property management system uses our solution as its only solution it means they don’t need to worry about PCI Compliance. A huge saving!

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