Voice User Interface: Amazon Alexa meetup, second edition

Voice User Interface: Amazon Alexa meetup, second edition

Haarlem Tech’s second edition of the Amazon Alexa meetups


For our second event of 2019, we are following up on last year’s great success and dedicating an entire evening to talk about Voice User Interface and Voice Command Devices. On the menu, live presentations from speakers who are experts in the field, plenty of time to network with other artificial intelligence lovers, and, of course, beer and pizza. I personally don’t want to be anywhere else that day! 

Voice User Interface (VUI) is one of the main breakthrough for AI advancement over the last few years. By allowing people to interact with computers through speech recognition, VUI opens up an entire world of possibilities to humanise technology. If the robots uprising is not quite upon us just yet, the latest improvements made to Voice Command Devices are nonetheless remarkable. We are now able to have live conversations with virtual assistants on smartphones and smart speakers, without having to press any buttons. VCDs can react to multiple voices – regardless of accent or dialectal influences. They are  capable of responding to several commands at once, separating vocal messages, and provide accurate feedback, thus imitating natural human conversations.

Such an amazing technology is well deserving of our time and attention, wouldn’t you say? Join us on Tuesday 16th of April to learn all about it and share your enthusiasm with us. We are looking forward to welcoming you! 





18:00 – 18:30    Registration & welcoming drinks

18:30 – 19:00    Pizzas for dinner


First part | VUI, software infrastructure

19:00 – 20:00    First talk, German Viscuso, Technical Evangelist of Amazon Alexa

20:15 – 20:45    Second talk, Jieke Pan, Director of engineering at Mobiquity Inc


Second part | VCD, hardware features 

20:45 – 21:00    Play around with Alexa prototype: demonstrations by Tomoharu Ito, Alexa Skill builder

21:00 – 22:00    Networking, more food & drinks



This exclusive event is inside a Datacenter which requires identification of its visitors, for security purposes. Therefore participants of the meetup need to hold an event ticket and present a valid ID (passport, driver’s license) upon entering the premises. We still have some tickets available so make sure to RSVP before it’s too late!

Event Day Countdown








Serverless stories in a data center, Amazon Web Services meetup 2019

Serverless stories in a data center, Amazon Web Services meetup 2019

We had an amazing turn-up on 20 February 2019 for our first time hosting the Amazon Web Services user group meetup here in the Iron Mountain AMS-1 datacenter, in the heart of the Waarderpolder of Haarlem.

What is Serverless?

Serverless is a cloud-computing execution model where the cloud provider (in this case, Amazon Web Services Lambda) runs the server, which enables developers to build and run almost any applications and other backend services without worrying about infrastructure management tasks, such as system maintenance or capacity provisioning. Basically, it simplifies the process of deploying code into production, as it handles directly for the developers everything that is required for their applications to run smoothly and be scalable at wish. 

Serverless code can be used in conjunction with code deployed in traditional styles, or applications can be written to be purely serverless and use no provisioned servers at all.

Thank you

We’d like to thank all of those who showed up to the meetup, Haarlem.Tech regulars and new comers, we hope you had an interesting and fun evening!

Thank you also to our community member Tomoharu Ito, talented Alexa Skill builder, Alexa champion and active member of the AWS user group Netherlands, for organizing three great talks.

Finally, we extend our gratitude to the speakers who came to share their knowledge and expertise of Serverless technology with us: Danilo Poccia, who flew all the way from London to be at the meetup, and Michael Oshita and Takahiro Horike, who took time off their precious sleep to talk to us live from Japan in the middle of the night.

If you wish to reminisce on all that you’ve learnt about Serverless framework and step functions during the meetup, you can access and dowload Danilo’s presentation through this link https://lnkd.in/gk3giz8

Stay tuned to Haarlem.Tech’s website and social media for more great tech events.

Next up, our second edition of the Amazon Alexa meetups. Bring on April!

Startup i-Finish: Digitale Nazorg is in newspaper Haarlems Dagblad

Startup i-Finish: Digitale Nazorg is in newspaper Haarlems Dagblad

© Foto United Photos/Paul Vreeker

On the 12 of December 2018 we were interviewed by the local newspaper Haarlems Dagblad about the development of the platform i-Finish.nl.

Our startup i-Finish: Digital aftercare helps people to secure, put on hold or cancel an online or offline account or profile. There is a fast-growing demand for this service, with more and more families needing assistance with the legal and practical processes involved to reduce the digital footprint of their deceased loved ones, and prevent identity fraud.  Read more here

Alexa Meetup

Alexa Meetup

Sharing trends of Alexa, Voice User Interface and Alexa’s ecosystems.


Haarlem.Tech’s First meetup of Amazon Alexa in the Netherlands and the first meetup of JAWS-UG Haarlem, hosted by EvoSwitch.


For who? Developers, business marketers, researchers and other tech-enthusiasts.

Date: 11, April 2018 (Wed) 18:00 – 21:00

Place: Haarlem.tech, hosted by Evoswitch. J.W. Lucasweg 35, 2031 BE, Haarlem – The Netherlands


Five enthusiastic international speakers with extensive knowledge of Amazon Alexa.


Max Amordeluso (Amazon, head of Alexa Skills Kit team in Europe)

Tomoharu Ito (Freelance, Alexa Developer, organizer of JAWS-UG Haarlem)

Hidetaka Okamoto (DigitalCube.Inc, Software Engineer, Alexa Lover from Japan)

Jun Ichikawa (Infrastructure Engineer, One of the big influencers of Alexa in Japan)

Kana Kitagawa (Student, Alexa Lover from Japan)



17:30 — Open

18:00 — Welcome talk (Haarlem.tech)

18:15 — Trend of Amazon Alexa (Max Amordeluso)

18:45 — Short introduction Alexa Voice Service (Tomoharu Ito)

19:00 — Love smart home skill with Amazon Alexa (Jun Ichikawa) online presentation

19:15 — Sort introduction development Alexa Skills (Hidetaka Okamoto) online prestentation

19:30 — Experience with Amazon Alexa in my life (Kana Kitagawa) online presentation

19:45 — Networking and drinks

21:00 — Close


Reserve your seat today by sending an email to operations@haarlem.tech. Do you have any questions or remarks, email us today.

We hope to welcome you all April 11th.


Please note that you need a valid ID to enter the event location. You will not be allowed access without proper documents.


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