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Hey there, stranger! Welcome… and congratulations, for you are one step closer to becoming one of Haarlem Tech heroes! Here, have some cake to celebrate.

Haarlem Tech wouldn’t be much without its talented, passionate people. We may be a small community, but together, we have big dreams! And because we believe there is power in numbers, we are looking for people who share our tech-loving and startup-enthusiastic spirit to help us make those dreams come true. Are you one of those people?


The 3 Haarlem Tech Hero Powers


1/ Mentor

Are you an expert and driven advocate for a type of technology or a specific area of business? Do you have a deep knowledge about startups and the Dutch business environment? Are you an experienced entrepreneur? Or maybe you are an entertaining public speaker and well-versed educator willing to teach the skills you master to motivated young professionals? if you answered yes to one or more of these questions, we need you!

As a mentor for Haarlem Tech, you can choose to be a keynote speaker during the events and meet-ups we organise; you can lead your own workshops within our facilities; or you can join us for a coffee on Friday afternoons to exchange, share and brainstorm with our members.


2/ Partner & Ambassador

For some of our bigger budget events, we need sponsors to help us cover the costs. But what we want first and foremost is to create close ties of friendship with local key players (public institutions, expats groups, etc.) who can allow us to engage with the Haarlemmer community further in return for being featured on our channels as one of our core partners. 

As a partner for Haarlem Tech, you can choose to co-host and co-organise events with us; you can enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship where we both give (time, skills, ideas…) and both get (visibility and exposure, growing network…). Think about it: your brand has everything to gain by being associated with a cause like Haarlem Tech, that encourages and supports entrepreneurship and innovation among young talent locally. 


3/ Investor 

Haarlem Tech members are startups and hard-working business internationals, who have a promising idea and amazing skills, but still need funds to develop their business and become the new success stories in Haarlem. You can read more about them on our community page. Feel free to contact us with your questions if you see an investment opportunity that tickles your interest, and we will be happy to arrange a meeting. 

We are also open to investors for the business incubator program we are implementing in the hub. We have great plans to provide a higher variety of business support services to entrepreneurs and to develop the educative/ informative side of Haarlem Tech activities. Please reach out to us to find out more!

We are forever grateful to everyone who makes Haarlem Tech possible, each and every day. Thank you, and we hope to see you soon! Have a heroic day. 


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