Online platform for the on- and offline legacy (Startup)


DEVELOPING FOR THE FUTURE is a modern service based on the experience of Digital Care and Digital Aftercare and the technical knowledge of the platform Haarlem.Tech. With a user-friendly platform, wants to give surviving relatives insight, access and the ability to terminate the online and offline Digital Legacy of the deceased. Together with affiliated companies wants to prevent Identity Fraud and reduce the Digital Footprint in compliance with the new European Privacy Legislation.
  • On- and Offline
  • International (Social Media & Online Services)
  • Preventing Identity Fraud
  • Privacy Compliance (GDPR)

Technical Stack

Symfony 6, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Varnish, PHP8.2, Node.JS, React.JS, Nginx, Bootstrap 6, HTML5, WPMU, Microservices, Leaflet.js.

Find out more / Digitale Voorzorg and  Digitale Nazorg helps relatives in providing insight, securing and ending online and offline services. Together with affiliated companies identity fraud is prevented and we reduce the digital footprint.


Startup i-Finish: Digitale Nazorg is in newspaper Haarlems Dagblad

© Foto United Photos/Paul VreekerOn the 12 of December 2018 we were interviewed by the local newspaper Haarlems Dagblad about the development of the platform Our startup i-Finish: Digital aftercare helps people to secure, put on hold or cancel an online...
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